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                                                     * Numbers listed here for reference and crossover purposes only

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 Stock Status Report

 Item Number       Description                          Quantity

 100-0016-03       3/4 " cable spacer       DIST  EACH  3,550.00
 111082101311300   GM UBT AGC CONFIG STAT   DIST  EACH     13.00
 111G              GM UBT 1 GIG             DIST  EACH      1.00
 112G              gm hgd 1gig              DIST  EACH      1.00
 115284103311300   GMSA HGBT-A CONFIG STA   DIST  EACH      7.00
 1152G2103311300   Gainmkaker Balanced Tr   DIST  EACH      1.00
 1152G4103311400   Gainmkaker Balanced Tr   DIST  EACH     14.00
 123084103311300   GM-LE, 870, 40/52, REV   DIST  EACH     16.00
 AGC ADU 549       ADU 549 PILOT            DIST  EACH    125.00
 AGC ADU 711       Motorola ADU 711         DIST  EACH     80.00
 APC6090-2QCE-C    15A 60/90V Pole Mt. NO   DIST  EACH    189.00
 AURORA NODES      4 Out put W/return Nod   DIST  EACH      3.00
 JUMPER 6FT        JUMPER 6 FT. BLACK CRI   DIST  EACH    379.00
 LDC-108S          LINDSAY DC8 NOT POWER    DIST  EACH    282.00
 LHC-112           LINDSAY ELECTRONICS 12   DIST  EACH    112.00
 LS15G-DC-8        DIR. COUPLER DC-8  C-C   DIST  EACH     13.00
 OFCN-D-SC-1-U     MINI NODE                DIST  EACH     35.00
 QCTDCRG-16        16 WAY RGL 1 GIG         DIST  EACH     14.00
 QCTDCSG-12        12 WAY  SA 1 GIG DIR C   DIST  EACH    149.00
 QCTDCSG-16        16 WAY SA 1 GIG DIR CP   DIST  EACH    382.00
 QCTDCSG-2         2 WAY SA 1 GIG           DIST  EACH     14.00
 QCTDCSG-3         3 WAY SA 1 GIG           DIST  EACH      4.00
 QCTRG2-23         TAP 2W 23dB RGL 1 GIG    DIST  EACH     63.00
 QCTRG2-26         TAP 2W 26dB RGL 1 GIG    DIST  EACH    109.00
 QCTRG2-29         TAP 2W 29dB RGL 1 GIG    DIST  EACH     54.00
 QCTRG2-32         TAP 2W 32dB RGL 1 GIG    DIST  EACH      7.00
 QCTRG4-26         TAP 4W 26dB RGL 1 GIG    DIST  EACH      6.00
 QCTRG4-8          TAP 4W 08dB RGL 1 GIG    DIST  EACH      2.00
 QCTRG8-14         TAP 8W 14dB RGL 1 GIG    DIST  EACH     99.00
 QCTRG8-17         TAP 8W 17dB RGL 1 GIG    DIST  EACH     86.00
 QCTRG8-20         TAP 8W 20dB RGL 1 GIG    DIST  EACH    120.00
 QCTRG8-23         TAP 8W 23dB RGL 1 GIG    DIST  EACH     69.00
 QCTRG8-26         TAP 8W 26dB RGL 1 GIG    DIST  EACH      1.00
 QCTSG2-14         TAP 2W 14dB SA 1 GIG     DIST  EACH    205.00
 QCTSG2-20         TAP 2W 20dB SA 1 GIG     DIST  EACH      8.00
 QCTSG2-23         TAP 2W 23dB SA 1 GIG     DIST  EACH     37.00
 QCTSG2-26         TAP 2W 26dB SA 1 GIG     DIST  EACH      7.00
 QCTSG4-26         TAP 4W 26dB SA 1 GIG     DIST  EACH    125.00
 QCTSG4-32         TAP 4W 32dB SA 1 GIG     DIST  EACH    330.00
 QCTSG8-26         TAP 8W 26DB SA 1 GIG     DIST  EACH    409.00
 QCTSG8-29         8W TAP SA 29dB 1 GIG     DIST  EACH     74.00
 RLS10-3SP15A90V   UNBAL 3 WAY SPLITTER W   DIST  EACH    345.00
 RMT108BC-26       8 ways 26db tap blocki   DIST  EACH    621.00
 SA LE HSG         SA LE HSG                DIST  EACH    397.00
 SA502115          SA SYS II DC 8           DIST  EACH    152.00
 SA502120          SA DC-12                 DIST  EACH    155.00
 SA502495          5-30/46-750 REV FILTER   DIST  EACH     77.00
 SA511323          REV EQ 1.5-4.5DB 40 MH   DIST  EACH    326.00
 SA541745          SA MMT 2PT 17DB          DIST  EACH    295.00
 SA541746          SA MMT 2PT 20DB          DIST  EACH    124.00
 SA541747          SA MMT 2PT 23DB          DIST  EACH     56.00
 SA541748          SA MMT 2PT 26DB          DIST  EACH    334.00
 SA541749          SA MMT 2PT 29DB          DIST  EACH    102.00
 SA541765          SA MMT 8 PORT 26DB       DIST  EACH    102.00
 SA546578          THERMAL COMP, I/S EQ 9   DIST  EACH     94.00
 SA564133-U        return transmitter  (u   DIST  EACH      5.00
 SA568542          SA GAIN MKR LE REV. SW   DIST  EACH    119.00
 SA589445          GM AGC 445.25 MHZ        DIST  EACH    245.00
 SA6130            SA SIGNAL PROCESSOR      DIST  EACH     44.00
 SA6920            SA Fiber Node (750 mhz   DIST  EACH      1.00
 SA732840          gm agc 451.25 (37)       DIST  EACH      1.00
 SALEII501348R     SALE 750    40-54        DIST  EACH    192.00
 SALEIII574754     LE3 750MHZ 40/51         DIST  EACH      1.00
 SAPADGM           SA GAIN MAKER PAD        DIST  EACH  2,477.00
 SV-4G             4 WAY SPLITTER           DIST  EACH    900.00
 XLP-750-T         LEMCO750 CORE/STRIP W    DIST  EACH      1.00








                                                                                 FIBER JUMPERS



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  give us a call. QCE can locate it for you  in a price effective and timely manner.



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